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I am an artist, researcher and educator based in Cardiff, whose work explores systems of consumption and creation, and human-technology relationships.

My creative and academic practice currently focuses on music economics, community and collaboration, and the attention economy.

I am founder of the cooperative record label Third Nature Recordings, Lecturer of Music at the University of Gloucestershire, and Head of Education at pyka.


I've just released a single called 'Pacemaker' as Jack of the Suburbs, my solo music project.

Over the winter I began playing chess on the app. It's highly addictave and am enjoying playing 10 minute matches.

I'm looking to buy a van to refurbish so my partner and I can take trips around Wales. I also want to be able to make music away from home so will use it as a portable studio.

I'm about to complete my MA in Creative Music Practice that I started in September 2019.


I recently set up a cooperative record label, called Third Nature Recordings, to explore more equitable systems for music makers.

Along with Jack Rees and Leigh Davies, I'm working on making music with inherited cassette tapes as the Llandovery Tape Archive.

I recently carried out a research project on music making practices on internet platforms which culminated in a paper called Platform Determinism.

I am in the process of publishing a digital/physical zine called Interfacing, about how to work together while being apart, as part of a collaboration with Site Sit on their Plugged In project.

During the summer of 2020 I started a virtual performance project called Cul-De-Sac Festival, designed to encourage artists to consider how the platforms on which they share their work inform the work itself.

I'm part of the ← coin webring β†’ .